NID, Ahmedabad.


A journey from food to fabric

Sajjappa is a traditional sweet dish, prepared during festivals. A stuffing is prepared with coconut, semolina(rava), jaggery and cardamom, stuffed in a dough prepared with fine semolina and all purpose flour and deep fried in oil. It is unique to the Iyyangar community (one sect of the Brahmin community in South India). The process of its making was the inspiration of this project.

The concept of filling a circle and sealing it, directly translated to a Japanese wrapping technique called 'Fuxico'. Further explorations led me to creating a unit combining elements with different textural qualities simply by changing the filling (waste fabric pieces, yarn, cotton and felt). This property goes hand in hand with the concept of acupressure and made for a therapeutic foot rug. The final prototype was created from a single piece of fabric with zero cuts and seams.   

©2019 by Aditi Murthy