2017 | Ahmedabad

This collection of prints were made as a hypothetical concept for the African based brand Christie Brown.

Brand Study

The prints are inspired from the intricate, contrasting visual textures and patterns created on the bodies of the people of the Omo Valley tribes in Africa.

The nomadic people who inhabit the valley share a gift for body painting and elaborate adornments borrowed from nature, and Hans Silvester has captured the results in a series of photographs made over the course of numerous trips.

They use paint made from clay, hair staining and huge lip plates as a form of camouflage during hunting or decorations during special occasions, ceremonies and festivals.

They also wear distinctive beads and jewellery made from recycled material. A lot of their accessories is nature itself.

For the explorations and the development of the print, I decided to work in the primary colours for maximum contrast.

The Acacia flower, also native to Africa, has a distinctive look and a beautiful form. I explored different art treatments to fuse the two together.

Exploring treatments

single unit
setting the repeat

Colour treatment


co-ordinate prints

The print was translated onto fabric through jacquard weaving using the EAT software.